Unveiling the Remarkable Surge in Income Tax Return Filings: A Comparative Analysis

In the realm of income tax filing, fascinating trends have emerged that shed light on the conscientious behavior of taxpayers. The comparative statistics of Income Tax Return (ITR) filings available on the I-T e-filing portal have unveiled a remarkable surge in recent times. During the April-June periods of 2022-23 and 2023-24, an astounding transformation has been witnessed, marking a notable increase in the number of tax returns filed. This article delves into the details of this impressive trend, offering insights into the factors contributing to this surge and its implications for taxpayers.

A Surge of Magnitude

In the dynamic landscape of income tax filings, statistics have spoken volumes. During the April-June window of 2022-23, a substantial figure of 70.34 lakh tax returns were dutifully filed on the I-T e-filing portal. However, what truly captures attention is the meteoric rise of 93.76 percent in the subsequent year, elevating the number to an awe-inspiring 1.36 crore tax returns in April-June 2023-24. This surge in filings reflects a significant shift in taxpayer behavior, indicating proactive measures to avert last-minute rush.

The Prelude to Early Filings

The surge in tax return filings holds a deeper implication – a clear inclination towards early submissions. The data for April-June 2023 indicates that the number of income tax returns filed nearly doubled in comparison to the preceding year. This surge can be attributed to the taxpayers’ sagacious approach of submitting returns well ahead of time. By avoiding the eleventh-hour scramble, taxpayers are embracing a proactive stance, aligning with the trend of early filing.

Navigating the Deadline

The July 31 deadline for filing tax returns for the previous fiscal year (2022-23) served as a pivotal marker for individuals and non-audited accounts. This deadline prompted individuals to ensure timely submissions for income earned in the April-March fiscal. The diligent adherence to this deadline reflects the taxpayers’ conscientious commitment towards fulfilling their fiscal responsibilities.

July’s Flourish

July emerges as a significant juncture in the tax return filing calendar. As the final month for I-T return filing, it becomes a stage where the culmination of efforts is witnessed. In this crucial month, a staggering 5.41 crore returns were filed, culminating in a cumulative filing count of over 6.77 crore by the month’s end. This vividly illustrates the remarkable engagement of taxpayers in fulfilling their obligations.

Milestones and Comparisons

The statistical narrative of ITR filings is replete with notable milestones. Notably, the milestone of 1 crore ITR filings was achieved 13 days ahead of schedule, specifically on June 26. This achievement, in comparison to the previous fiscal year’s milestone on July 8, showcases a noteworthy advancement in early filing behavior. Such a shift can be attributed to a combination of factors that encourage and facilitate timely submissions.

The Power of Influence

The income tax department’s strategic efforts have played a pivotal role in this paradigm shift towards early filing. Acknowledging the influence of social media campaigns, targeted emails, and SMS campaigns, the department has harnessed the power of digital outreach. These initiatives have effectively motivated and encouraged taxpayers to embrace the benefits of early filing for the Assessment Year 2023-24.


In the ever-evolving landscape of income tax filings, a profound shift is witnessed in the approach of taxpayers. The comparative statistics of ITR filings, as observed on the I-T e-filing portal, paint a compelling picture of proactive engagement. The surge in tax return submissions, the adherence to deadlines, and the emergence of milestones all reflect a conscientious drive among taxpayers. This paradigm shift is a testament to the influence of strategic campaigns and the growing awareness of the advantages of early tax return filing.

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