Safeguarding Your Future: The Power of Choosing the Right Term Insurance Plan

In today’s unpredictable world, one of the most critical financial decisions you can make is to secure the future of your loved ones. A term insurance plan is a powerful tool that offers financial protection and peace of mind to your family in case of an unfortunate event. However, it’s crucial to choose the right plan that suits your needs and provides the necessary coverage. Let’s explore the different types of term insurance plans available and understand their features, benefits, and suitability for various individuals.

Right Term Insurance Plan

Pure Term Plan: The Foundation of Financial Security

The pure term plan is the simplest and purest form of term insurance. It is designed to provide coverage for a specific period, offering a death benefit to the nominee in case of the policyholder’s untimely demise. The benefit can either be a lump sum or a recurring amount, depending on the policy terms.

Rhishabh Garg, Head of Term Insurance at, emphasizes the importance of a high sum assured to ease the financial burden on the grieving family and fulfill their life goals comfortably. Since it is a pure-risk plan, there is no maturity benefit if the policyholder outlives the policy term. Nevertheless, pure term plans are highly affordable, offering extensive coverage against life’s uncertainties.

TROP (Term Plan with Return of Premium): Balancing Risk and Rewards

Unlike pure term plans, TROP comes with the added feature of a return of premium. This type of plan addresses the concern of premiums going in vain if the policyholder survives the term. In case of the policyholder’s unfortunate demise, the nominee receives the designated sum assured. On the other hand, if the policyholder survives the term, they get back all the paid premiums at the time of maturity.

Sunil Sharma, from Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company Limited, suggests that TROP is suitable for individuals who believe they are in excellent health and may not necessarily benefit from a pure term policy after the term ends. The decision to choose TROP or pure term depends on individual preferences and the desired sum assured.

Special Exit Value Term Plan: The Smart Choice for Affordability and Flexibility

The industry has introduced a cost-effective alternative to TROP plans, known as the Special-Exit Value Term Plan. This innovative term insurance category aims to provide a return of premium feature at a lower cost. It offers a one-time option for the policyholder to exit the policy once their financial obligations are fulfilled, while also providing a death benefit to the nominee in case of premature demise.

The Special-Exit Value Term Plan provides financial prudence and affordability to policyholders. It is an ideal choice for buyers under 45 who seek high coverage along with flexibility in their insurance plans.

Incremental Term Plan: Growing Coverage for a Secure Future

The Incremental Term Plan allows policyholders to increase the sum assured amount at a fixed rate every policy year. This means that the policy’s coverage grows over time, ensuring better financial security for the family.

If a policyholder passes away during the policy term, the nominee will receive the accumulated incremental amount in addition to the base policy cover. It is a suitable option for those who wish to enhance their coverage gradually as their responsibilities and financial goals evolve.

Independent Term Homemaker Plan: Empowering Homemakers with Financial Independence

In the past, homemakers were not empowered to buy term insurance independently. They had to rely on their spouse’s income and joint life policies. However, times have changed, and several insurers now offer term plans to homemakers with relaxed mandates.

Homemakers can now purchase term insurance with a household income of Rs 5 lakh and a high school level education. The sum assured for these plans ranges from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore, providing adequate coverage for their dependents in case of their unfortunate demise.



In an uncertain world, a term insurance plan is a crucial financial instrument to secure your family’s future. Whether you opt for a pure term plan, TROP, special-exit value term plan, incremental term plan, or independent term homemaker plan, the key is to choose wisely based on your needs and circumstances.

By investing in the right term insurance plan, you can protect your loved ones from financial hardships and ensure that their dreams and aspirations are fulfilled, even in your absence.

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