Secure Your Future with Malta: The #1 Choice for Citizenship-by-Investment

In the world of high-net-worth individuals seeking citizenship-by-investment opportunities, Malta emerges as the leading destination, according to the CBI Power Rankings Index by Astons. This comprehensive analysis evaluates 12 nations based on key variables such as investment requirements, passport strength, crime levels, healthcare, taxes, life expectancy, GDP per capita, and education. With an impressive overall index score of 10.82, Malta outperforms its peers, making it an attractive choice for investors looking for an advantageous and secure future.

Secure Your Future with Malta The #1 Choice for Citizenship-by-Investment

Investment Requirements

The CBI Power Rankings Index considers the level of investment required to access the CBI program. Malta sets the highest investment threshold among the considered nations at $759,360, earning an index score of 0.2. Although the initial cost may seem substantial, it contributes to the overall exclusivity and quality of the Maltese citizenship program.

Passport Strength

A significant factor in the rankings is the passport strength, measured by the number of visa-free/visa-on-arrival/ETA locations accessible to citizens. Malta’s passport holds significant power, providing visa-free travel to 172 nations, earning an impressive index score of 1.3 in this category, the highest among all CBI nations.

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Crime Level and Safety

Malta boasts an exemplary safety record with a CBI index score of 1.03, indicating very low crime levels. This makes it the second safest nation on the index, second only to Grenada (1.50). The assurance of a secure environment is a crucial factor for prospective investors and their families.


The overall healthcare level of a nation plays a vital role in the index, considering factors such as prevention, detection, response, and mitigation, as well as general health sector capacity, state norms, risk, and vulnerability. Malta ranks fourth in this category with a score of 1.28, surpassed by North Macedonia (1.34), Jordan (1.36), and Turkiye (1.59).


Maltese citizens pay a higher tax rate of 35% at the highest marginal rate, earning an index score of 0.76. While this is joint second worst with Dominica, it’s important to note that tax liability is only one aspect of the overall benefits offered by Maltese citizenship.

Life Expectancy

Maltese citizens enjoy the longest life expectancy among all CBI nations, with an average of 83.8 years. This translates to a high CBI index score, reflecting the nation’s commitment to providing a healthy and prosperous environment for its residents.

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GDP Per Capita

With a GDP per capita of $33,941, Malta leads the pack with a score of 3.7 in this category. A strong and developed national economy adds to the overall appeal of Malta as an investment destination.


Education is a crucial factor in determining the overall development of a nation. Malta takes the top spot in this category with the highest average years of schooling, providing its citizens with a solid foundation for a successful future.

With an overall index score of 10.82, Malta convincingly tops the CBI Power Rankings Index by Astons. While the investment threshold and tax rates may be relatively higher than other CBI nations, the numerous advantages, including visa-free travel, safety, healthcare, and education opportunities, outweigh the initial costs. For high-net-worth individuals seeking a secure and prosperous future for their families, Malta proves to be a worthy choice.

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