AMD to Establish Largest Design Center in Bengaluru, India, with $400 Million Investment

US chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced its ambitious plans to invest approximately $400 million over the next five years to build its largest design center in Bengaluru, India. The exciting development was confirmed by AMD’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Papermaster, during the annual semiconductor conference that commenced on July 28 in Gujarat.

The forthcoming design center is set to be operational by the end of the year and will significantly contribute to India’s engineering talent pool by creating 3,000 new engineering roles within the next five years. Papermaster emphasized the crucial role of AMD’s India teams in delivering high-performance and adaptive solutions that cater to AMD’s customers worldwide.

The new campus will span an impressive 500,000 square feet, solidifying AMD’s presence in India with a total of 10 office locations across the country. As of now, AMD already employs more than 6,500 professionals in India, showcasing the company’s commitment to nurturing the local talent and fostering technological advancements in the region.

In addition to establishing the design center, AMD aims to enhance its research and development capabilities in India. The company’s chips find application in a wide array of devices, ranging from personal computers to data centers. Furthermore, AMD is actively engaged in the development of an artificial intelligence chip, underlining its dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

AMD to Establish Largest Design Center in Bengaluru, India, with $400 Million Investment

The announcement at the ‘SemiconIndia 2023’ conference, organized by India Semiconductor Mission in collaboration with industry and industry associations, highlights the nation’s aspiration to become a global hub for semiconductor design, manufacturing, and technology development. The event featured notable speakers such as Foxconn Chairman Young Liu, Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra, and Vedanta’s Anil Agarwal, who also shared their perspectives on advancing the semiconductor industry in India.

Micron, for instance, had previously revealed its own substantial investment of $825 million for establishing a semiconductor testing and packaging unit in Gujarat, demonstrating the industry’s growing interest in India as a favorable destination for semiconductor-related ventures.

AMD’s latest investment and commitment to expanding its operations in Bengaluru, India’s semiconductor landscape is poised for tremendous growth. The nation’s talented workforce and conducive environment for technological innovation make it an ideal destination for companies looking to strengthen their foothold in the fast-evolving semiconductor industry.

AMD’s decision to invest $400 million in establishing its largest design center in Bengaluru showcases its confidence in India’s potential as a key player in the semiconductor arena. The move not only bolsters India’s engineering capabilities but also aligns with the nation’s vision to become a global leader in semiconductor design, manufacturing, and technology development.

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